What's the life cycle for Windows Embedded Hand Held devices?

The majority of rugged mobile computers in use today run the Windows Embedded operating system. This operating system has been the standard choice among hardware manufacturers and software systems such as PanatrackerGP for use in the enterprise.

With millions of these devices in use across the world, Microsoft has extended support for the most-popular and recent version of the Windows Embedded family known as WEHH 6.5 (Windows Embedded Hand Held 6.5). According to Microsoft, WEHH will reach End of Life in January, 2020.

Panatrack will continue to support our application on this operating system through this period, and likely beyond. Experience has demonstrated that the useful life of these units extends well-past their stated end-of-life. We see no reason to expect this will not be the case past January, 2020.

In general, the hardware manufacturers of rugged mobile computers are selecting Android to power future devices. While some initial devices are currently available, the market is still maturing in this decision. Panatrack has already begun work towards support for Android-based mobile computers and will be announcing additional details as our development progresses.

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