Bin to Bin Transfer - Error Number = 8673

You may receive the following eConnect error when attempting to perform an Item Bin Move.

Error Number = 8673 Stored Procedure= taIVMultibinBinToBinTransfer Error Description = Lot number / qty type / location / expiration date combination does not exist in the Bin entered 

The usual cause of this error is a different time-zone being setup on the handheld unit that recorded the transaction, than the one setup on the application server. The application server or the handheld is translating SQL Server's "empty" date. Since the GP database cannot store a null (empty) date, it uses 1/1/1900 as a way to mark an empty date. A mismatch of a time-zone will translate the date to one or more hours back; e.g. pulling the date back to 12/31/1899.

If you receive the above eConnect error, please confirm that the handheld that recorded the failed transaction has the exact same time-zone setup as the application server. Please also confirm that the application server, and the DATABASE server, are in the same time-zone.

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