Printer Installation for Automated Printing from the Cloud and no VPN

For the automated printing to work with PantrackerGP, if you are in the cloud and do not have a VPN, the following must be set up:

  1. The printer must have a Static IP address
  2. The external firewall must be setup for port forwarding to forward an external port to the port 9100 of the printers IP address
  3. Using your Public IP address and the forwarded external port, we would install the printer both on the Remote Desktop Server and the server that hosts PanatrackerGP.

Example setup: 

XYZ Company has a public IP address of, with an external port of 55591.  

  1. Set the external port of 55591 on XYZ companies firewall to forward to the printers IP address over port 9100 (this is the port printer listen on for print requests).
  2. Install the printer on the server using the IP address and port 55591

Any requests made to the printer will send over the Internet to XYZ Company's printer onsite.

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