Functional Currency Troubleshooting

eConnect messages relating to CurrencyID assignment (may be one of many thrown including This Company you are trying to insert this Currency ID for does not have access to this Currency ID in the Multicurrency Currency Access Table - DYNAMICS..MC60100 ) or related to a currency field (i.e. Receiving may throw an error related to discount percentage calculations).

Is Functional Currency Set Up?


  • If no, set up Functional Currency
  • If yes: Was checklinks run? 
    • If not, run checklinks
  • If not sure or yes and checklinks was run, verify the following:  In the DYNAMICS -table MC60100, verify the currency for the company processing  the transaction against is set up for the Currency ID.  Company is coded; therefore corresponding company name can be found in table SY01500
  •  Were any other types of transaction successfully processed?  An issue with functional currency set up will typically result in a fail for all transactions.

To Enable Functional Currency 

From Microsoft Knowledge Base:

1. On the Microsoft Dynamics GP menu, point to Tools, point to Setup, point to System, and then click Currency. If the existing currencies that are set up fit your needs, you may use them and skip this step. 

2. On the Microsoft Dynamics GP menu, point to Tools, point to Setup, point to System, and then click Multicurrency Access. Select the currency ID you will be using as a functional currency and mark the Access box for every company that is receiving this error. (This is the step that should specifically resolve the error message above.)

3.On the Microsoft Dynamics GP menu, point to Tools, point to Setup, point to Financial, and click Multicurrency. Select the currency ID as the Functional Currency and Reporting Currency. You will also need to populate the Default Transaction Rate Types.

4. Click OK to close the window. You will receive a message stating you will need to run check links on the Multicurrency Setup Files. Click OK to this message.  Use these steps to run check links:

 a. On the Microsoft Dynamics GP menu, point to Maintenance and click Check Links.

 b. Select Financial as the Series and insert the Multicurrency Setup Files from the Logical Tables section to the Selected Tables section.

c. Click OK and print the report to the destination you choose.

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