How is PanatrackerGP implemented?

Once the proper sales documents are returned to us, our implementation process begins.

The first step is to schedule a planning call. The purpose of this call is to introduce  you to your implementation specialist and ensure that the implementation process is fully understood. We will also cover the prerequisites required for us to install, as well as narrow down your installation date (provided proper payment has been received.)

Once the planning call is complete, a time and date for your installation will be scheduled. At this time, we will prepare to ship your hardware. We typically wait to ship your hardware so that it arrives 2-4 days before your scheduled installation date. This is to ensure that you have the maximum amount of time to make sure the hardware is in proper working condition before 30 day return period passes.

Once your hardware is received  you will need to ensure that they are fully charged and connected to your wireless network (wireless network not required for  our Field Inventory/Sale Processing and Fixed Assets solutions if Ethernet cradles are substituted). Instructions on how to do this will be provided at the time of hardware shipment.

On the scheduled installation date, we will ask to be remotely logged into your server environment via a browser based login tool. We neither desire nor require unattended access to your network. We will then install and configure the server portion of PanatrackerGP. We require someone on the your end who has access to your SQL databases and administrative access to your server/servers for us to install.

Once the server portion is installed, we will guide you through how to attach your handhelds to your PanatrackerGP portal.

After the installation is complete, we will contact you to schedule training.

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