Adding a New GP Company to PanatrackerGP

Adding a company to PanatrackerGP consists of 3 main steps.

  1. Grant the Panatracker SQL login access to the company
  2. Create the company record on the PanatrackerGP and aim it at the proper database. Then, create a profile that ties into that company.
  3. Attach a handheld or user to the profile for the newly created company.


To complete these steps, follow the below instructions:

Open SQL Management Studio and login to the SQL server where your GP company databases are stored.

Locate the Panatracker login (by default this is called Panatracker) found under Security > Logins

  • Right click and select “Properties”
  • On the “User Mapping” page, locate the companies you wish to use with PanatrackerGP
  • Check the box for DYNGRP database role membership.

Login to your PanatrackerGP portal

  • On the “Companies” page (located under Configure) select “Add new record”
  • The “Company Name” can be whatever you choose, the “Database Target” however, must match the name of the database as it appears in SQL Server Management Studio.
  • Navigate to the “Profiles” Page on your PanatrackerGP portal (one down from “Companies” under Configure)
  • Select “Add new record”. Name the profile and select your newly created company.

Attach new Profile to Handheld (if you utilize user logins for the handhelds, skip to the step below)

  • On the “Devices” page, choose the device you would like use with the newly added profile.
  • Click the pencil icon next to the device. In the pop up window, there will be a drop down menu. Select the profile that represents your new GP company. Restart the PanatrackerGP application on the handheld, you will then be set to use the new company.

If utilizing logins on the handhelds, you will either want to change the profile a current user uses, or create a new user to use the new profile.  

  • Navigate to the “User Administration” page of your PanatrackerGP portal
  • Chose the user you wish to utilize the new profile with, click the pencil icon. In the “Default Profile” dropdown, select the profile you wish to use.
  • If creating a new user, select “Add new record”. In the “Default Profile” dropdown, select the profile you wish to use.
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