Can we print GS1-128 (aka UCC-128) barcode labels with PanatrackerGP?

GS1-128 Barcode Labels (Formerly UCC-128) are used in shipping to match ASN for many large companies. Some of our clients have found that selling products to large retailers or distributor’s means that they need to begin printing the GS1-128 labels on shipments. At this point, Panatrack often gets a call to ask about these labels.


GS1/UCC-128 labels can be printed from label printing programs such as NiceLabel, however, in a production setting, there needs to be an automated function for this. The GS1-128 labels are an integral part of the shipping process, and as such are most often created by an EDI or Shipping provider. Many ISV’s provide solutions that will pull the relevant information from GP and can create these labels for you. StarShip, RedTail EDI, DataMason EDI, and TrueCommerce, are a few of the ISV’s that offer these services and integrate with both GP and Panatrack. 

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