How do I redirect a handheld to point to a new PanatrackerGP Portal? (v6.x and v7x)

1. Exit the PanatrackerGP application on the handheld.

2. Open the Start Menu (tap the windows button in the lower left hand corner).

3. Open File Explorer on the handheld and navigate to the \MyDevice\Application Data\Panatrack directory.

4. Delete the configV6 (or configV7) file by holding down the stylus on the file name until a menu appears with the option to delete it.

5. Restart the PanatrackerGP application on the handheld. you will be prompted to enter the server information at this time. The information you will need to enter can be found on the bottom of the Devices page of your PanatrackerGP portal.

6. Once you receive the message telling you the device has not yet been activated on your portal, refresh your portal's devices page. The device you are working with should now appear in the list. Select the Pencil edit icon next to the device. In the pop up, mark the checkbox next to active and set the device to the profile you would like to use. Hit "Ok" to close that window and then continue on the handheld. You should now reach the PanatrackerGP Main Menu on the handheld.

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