How is the authentication of hand held devices and users handled?

The PanatrackerGP web portal uses it's own authentication mechanism that we store in our database. For users of the web-portal, we do not enforce a user-count limit for those actions (e.g. system setup, viewing transaction history, etc.).

For the device setup, we do not need Windows AD authentication on the devices. Instead, each handheld device registers itself with the portal via a unique hardware key and token. This authentication is also stored in our database, and it is this count that we enforce with the licensed device count. When a handheld is first set up with the system, this enrollment process allows the portal administrator to authorize a new device and assign it a profile (basically the GP company and various system settings). This approach also allows a portal administrator to deactivate a handheld's access if needed as well. Only activated devices count against the device license count.

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