Failed to convert parameter value from a string to DateTime

This error isn't a function of the Panatrack software but rather an issue with Microsoft's eConnect mechanism that integrates to GP. The date that is being rendered is formatted by eConnect and used to call SQL Server stored procedures in the GP database. It takes a regular date and turns it into "text" so that it can hand it to the stored procedure. The format of that date is apparently determined by the region settings under which the PanatrackerGP portal runs.

To change the regional settings under which the portal runs, on the server where PanatrackerGP is installed please do the following:

  • Open Control Panel.
  • Select Clock, Language, and Region.
  • Under Region, select Change date, time, or number formats
  • Ensure the date format is set to match the format of your GP server.
  • On the Administrative tab, select the "Copy settings..." button. Place a check mark next to Welcome screen and system accounts and click OK. This will push the Date/Time settings to the account that runs IIS.
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