Panatrack Support Lifecycle for PanatrackerGP products

Product Lifecycle Support

For more than a decade, Panatrack has offered outstanding support for our products in an effort to afford you the maximum value from your investments. Given the pace of innovation and change, it's important to know that you can rely on us to be there as you use our software solutions. 

Panatrack commits to supporting and maintaining our current PanatrackerGP version and will offer mainstream support for at least 2 years after the successor product (N+1) is released. Extensions to this are available if needed for your specific circumstance; contact us and we will work to help you meet your specific circumstance.

Statement of Direction for our "Integrated Products"

For our solutions that connect to a "host ERP" system, such as the PanatrackerGP product, we will provide integration support for the host ERP for as long as the ERP vendor provides mainstream support for that version. In plainer words: as long as Microsoft offers support for Dynamics GP version "X", we will continue to provide the integration mechanism for version "X" (and likely quite longer). 

In accordance with Microsoft guidelines, we are committed to offer support for the same versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP that are supported by Microsoft. As a developer of add-on products for Dynamics GP, we will continue to evolve and upgrade our products to support the direction and releases of Dynamics GP as new releases become available. Our goal is to offer formal support for new GP versions within one month of their public release. (We are often ready much sooner, so call us if you want to get a head start on your testing.)

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