Panatrack Support Policy

Contacting Support 

Panatrack offers phone and email support during regular business hours. Our standard business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM central time zone; excluding United States holidays. If you have a specific need to perform a planned installation/upgrade or migration outside of these hours, rest assured that we will do our best to accommodate your needs. 

We have invested in our ability to provide you with great customer support. You have many options to reach us. 

  • Please use our support portal to search our Knowledge Base and submit a ticket. You can also check on any open/past requests from the portal. 
  • If requesting support via email, send your request to 
  • If you have an URGENT issue and prefer to communicate by phone, call our support line at 262-361-4950 and select the support option. We kindly ask that you please reserve phone-in support for urgent and down-time scenarios only. We are always happy to talk one-on-one with our customers, but we find the portal and email options allow us to provide better support as it allows members of our team to better collaborate with you in solving your problem. We will still create a ticket so that we can efficiently track the issue to resolution. In the rare event that your call isn't answered immediately by a support engineer (or after normal support hours), please leave a message stating your problem and how we can reach you.  

Any of the above methods of contacting us automatically triggers notifications throughout our team. Our aim is to address your support request within 4 business hours, but we make a strong effort to respond to your issue immediately. Support requests are typically monitored outside of standard business hours. However, our return response is not guaranteed until the next business day. 

Whatever means you choose to contact our support team, please be as detailed as possible to describe the problem so that we can lead you to a solution as efficiently as possible. It is helpful for you to offer the following information: 

  • What version of PanatrackerGP are you running? (This can be found on your portal's System Status page.) 
  • What is the detailed description of error message encountered? (We are particularly interested in the ugly-looking geeky parts.) 
  • Can you help us recreate the issue? (This is hugely helpful.) 
  • What steps you have already attempted to resolve your issue? 

Please offer any other pieces of information that would help us. You can also attach screen shots to your ticket as well. 


Additional Support Considerations 

PanatrackerGP is a data capture solution extending Dynamics GP. As an "add-on" mechanism for capturing transactions, PanatrackerGP provides the mechanism for capturing transactions quickly and accurately via scanning on a mobile device. In most cases, these are the same transactions that can be directly entered in Dynamics GP. This ability to enter transactions directly in Dynamics GP offers an immediate (albeit painfully inefficient) way to continue working in the rare event of a critical problem with PanatrackerGP. If entry of the transaction is urgent, it can be entered directly to GP through the standard GP interface. The PanatrackerGP transaction can then be marked as "discarded" in the portal to eliminate duplication. 

All transactions initiated from the PanatrackerGP handheld application are logged in our Panatracker Transaction Manager logging database and immediately applied to Dynamics GP. If for any reason the transaction fails to submit to GP, an email notification (if configured) is sent to the designated administrators. Panatrack maintains a special email account to also receive these notifications, and we encourage our customers to include us in the administrator list. Therefore, the same notifications will be sent to Panatrack with the details of the error. This allows us to learn of any problems so that we can react faster to provide you with assistance. This information is also used by our team to "design away" causes of a recurring problem. 

PanatrackerGP uses Microsoft's eConnect integration mechanism for most transactions. The eConnect mechanism follows the same business rules as if the transaction is entered directly in the GP interface. In most cases, the errors that we report are generally related to the setup of GP data.  Once the issue is resolved, the transaction can be resubmitted from the PanatrackerGP portal with the simple press of a button. An example of such an error message returned by eConnect could include something as trivial as "Document being edited by another user" (Order Fulfillment). In this case, once the order-fulfillment document is closed, the transaction is easily resubmitted. In the event of a failed transaction, the user on the handheld will receive a failed message and upon dismiss of the message, will be able to start another transaction.  This eliminates the user from requiring the issue to be resolved prior to continuing work since the handheld user is often not necessarily the administrator. 

Panatrack offers support to customers currently under their software maintenance contract.  The first year of maintenance is required; renewal is optional.  Customers requesting support but not currently under a maintenance contract will be notified of their support options. A current maintenance contract entitles customers to new versions as they become available. See the PanatrackerGP End-User License Agreement for additional details. 

Panatrack's support is limited to the support of our PanatrackerGP software. Panatrack does not provide support for network-related or hardware-related issues, as these are typically supported by a hardware manufacturer or your IT provider. Panatrack does not provide support for Microsoft DynamicsGP or other third-party software. Please contact the hardware or network vendor directly or contact your Dynamics partner for ERP-related assistance. We want to be helpful, and we may be able to provide support for these other types of issues by contracting with our professional services team at an hourly rate. 

Reference the Panatrack End-User License Agreement for additional support details. 


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