Using our support resources effectively

Panatrack has made significant investments in creating an easy-to-use product, and we have backed it with a company goal to provide great customer support. We take great pride in providing accessible support resources in the event you are having a problem. Here's some guidance to using these resources effectively.

How to get help fast:

  • Our knowledge-base contains many solutions to common questions or issues that you may encounter. The easy search capability will help you find articles relevant to your topic. Many of these articles are visible ONLY TO REGISTERED USERS. Please create an account on our support portal to gain access to see all articles.
  • If the knowledge-base articles fail to guide you towards a solution, you can submit a ticket directly from this support portal. Please describe your problem in as much detail as possible. Also, please describe what steps you have already taken to resolve the problem, as this will help us avoid pointing you towards possibilities you may have already explored.
  • Please try to limit your ticket to a single issue or question. Your question or problem will be directed to our best resource based on content. If your request has multiple topics, it makes it difficult to answer efficiently. Feel free to create a separate ticket for individual topics -- it helps both of us. Doing this assures that our support conversation flows quickly and efficiently.
  • Please do not request help via a personal email to one of our team. The resource you are trying to contact may be out of the office or performing an implementation, and your request may go unnoticed for hours or days if sent via email. Additionally, personal email bypasses our support team's ability to assign the best person to answer your question. Using this support system helps us ensure that we aren't missing anything.
  • Please consider creating a web-based support request instead of phoning for support. A phone call is well suited for an emergency "system down" problem. However, most issues or questions will be resolved more-effectively via a web support request as it allows you and us to more-accurately define the issue and track our progress towards resolving your problem. Therefore, we will still create a tracking ticket for each phone support request. This is done to facilitate the collaboration required to quickly solve your problem, and to help us continue to build a repository of knowledge that will better serve all of our customers.
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