Order Fulfillment Box Label Printing

On the Order Fulfillment transaction, there is an option to enable printing 'box' labels when the order is submitted. "Box" can represent any type of container such as a box, skid, or pallet.  When enabled, at submit the user will be prompted to select the printer and enter the number of labels to print. This is NOT a shipping label, but used to identify the order for the items picked as it is then moved to the shipping process.  The label will typically include information such as the GP Order Number (often barcoded), the Customer ID, and number of 'boxes' (1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3).  Like our other label printing set up options, additional information may be also be added to the label.  

This does require the label printing infrastructure.  Reference the setting in our portal 'LabelPrintingForOrderFulfillment'


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