About the Mobile Scanners

The PanatrackerGP solution includes a server component and a mobile client software component. The rich user experience of our system is achieved partially through the use of software components on the handhelds as well as the server. Unlike older Telnet-based software or web-based software, we have created a rich-client on the handheld device that communicates with our server components. This does involve the install of the software client to the handheld device.

Regarding the Network

  • If operating a wireless network, please use the appropriate security to protect your wireless network. Note that the "WEP" wireless security standard is no longer regarded as secure due to well-known exploits. We recommend setting up the "WPA" standard which is secure and fairly easy to set up. If this sounds like alphabet soup... call us and we can guide you.
  • If using a wireless network for the handhelds, we will require at least one handheld to be charged and connected to your network prior to the install. Connecting a wireless network is fairly simple, similar to connecting a laptop to your network. If you have limited experience or need assistance, we have put together some videos to guide you. Otherwise, give us a call and we can get you pointed in the right direction.
  • The handhelds ship with a pre-configured wireless profile used for very large-scale deployments. It is best to DELETE these pre-configured profiles so the handheld doesn't try to connect to these.

Optional Remote Management Software

If you expect to manage several handheld units, consider evaluating remote management software tools. [Link to another KB article?]

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