Remote Control Software for Handheld Devices

If you have ten or more handheld mobile computer devices you may find it useful to use your own internal tool to remotely control and manage the handhelds in your organization. This will allow you to remotely monitor and assist users as they use the handheld application anywhere within your wireless signal range.  




Recommended Remote Control Software:

Soti PocketController

Download and install the "Pro" version.  Soti Pocket Controller has a time-limited trial license and is reasonably-priced. 


MyMobiler is "freeware" software. While not as robust and efficient as the Soti product, it is not time-trial limited. Our customers typically have great luck with this software, but some companies are hesitant to install freeware.


If you expect to manage several mobile computers, please consider evaluating "MobiControl" from Soti. This is a great way for you to catalog and control many devices. This is available from



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