Can We Use the Scanning Devices We Already Own?

Can we use the scanning devices we already own?

Some of our customers have tried barcode scanning in the past or use barcode scanning in limited ways now.  It is understandable that companies would want to reuse those scanning devices with PanatrackerGP if possible.  The PanatrackerGP application is compatible with a number of popular mobile computers with embedded barcode scanners produced by Motorola, Intermec and Honeywell.   If you are using any of the PanatrackerGP-recommended mobile computers with embedded barcode scanning devices, the reuse of those mobile computers is not an issue.  


                  Panatracker GP Handheld Screenshot.jpg



If you have an older mobile computer from Motorola or Honeywell but it is not on the recommended list, it might work but we will have to verify it on a case-by-case basis due to multiple configurations in some models.  In this scenario, we would ask for additional information and may ask you to physically send your unit(s) to us for verification and testing.  


While each device & exact model number must be confirmed via specific part numbers (found on the back of the device or under the battery), general mobile computer requirements are as follows:

      • Embedded barcode scanner
      • Windows Mobile 5.0 or newer (Not CE)
      • Color VGA Screen
      • Wireless Connectivity 802.11 B/G
      • 64+ MB RAM

The PanatrackerGP system is made to be mobile so you can collect real-time inventory data at the time and place inventory transactions occur.  If your current scanning device (such as a gun) must be connected to a PC to function, it will not work with our system.  


Handheld Pricing

For the most part, we strongly recommend that you use one of the specifically listed professional scanning devices that we already support.  We want the best, least complicated and most functional experience for you.  

You can purchase your handheld scanning device from Panatrack or from another source as long as it is a model compatible with the PanatrackerGP software.  To offer a robust and affordable solution, Panatrack offers a significant savings to you on compatible mobile computers with embedded barcode scanning. You are not likely to find them at a better price, even online, as our goal is to make you successful in your new inventory system.

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