Disable Device Sleep Mode (Prevent Auto-Shutoff)

On your handheld mobile computer device:   

  1. Tap Start (Windows logo).
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap the System tab.
  4. Tap the Power icon.
  5. Tap the Advanced tab.

To limit your frustration during training and when you are first getting used to your handheld mobile computer device, we recommend you change the setting for the number of minutes before power is turned off when on battery power ("sleep" setting").  We also recommend you change the external power setting to the highest "sleep" setting (i.e. prevent your mobile computer device from turning off too quickly).   Lastly, we recommend you uncheck the "Turn off device if not used for __" check box to disable the timeout entirely.  You can always change these settings later when you are more proficient with the system.  

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