Wireless Network Requirements




PanatrackerGP requires real-time data access.  Because of this, the mobile computers with embedded barcode scanners need to connect to your wireless network. The mobile computers typically connect to a standard WiFi network following a 802.11a/b/g standard. As different mobile computers may offer different options, please confirm the specific requirements of the model of the mobile computer you are implementing.

The signal should be strong in all locations where the handhelds will be used.  Your wireless network should also be robust in that it does not frequently drop signal.  

Method to Check the Strength of Your Wireless Signal

There are several ways to determine the strength of your wireless signal around your warehouse/storehouse or wherever you are going to scan bar codes.  You could use your mobile computers with barcode scanning if you already have them.  If you do not, you really should check the wireless signal before the handhelds arrive.  If you already have a reliable wireless testing method with which you are comfortable, you can skip this method.  

If you do not currently have a way to determine your wireless signal strength, you can do so by using a free app on any Android smartphone. It's much more informative than just using a cell phone alone to test wireless signal.  Using the Google "Play Store" app on the Android phone, search the store for the Amped Wireless utility, "Wi-Fi Analytics".  Install Wi-Fi Analytics on your Android phone and launch it.  Wi-Fi Analytics will search for all available wireless signals and display the signal strength of each signal it detects.  

If the signal is weak or inconsistent where you plan to use the mobile computers, you may need to install a wireless signal booster.  


Mobile Computer Setup - Connecting to the Wireless Network










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