SMTP Configuration for Automated Email Alerts



The PanatrackerGP application has the ability to send emails to inform administrators and users of system-level or transaction-related troubles. PanatrackerGP sends these emails via your SMTP server. During the installation and setup process, we'll help you configure our system to point to your SMTP server so these emails can be delivered. 

In preparation for our setup, please have ready the details of your SMTP server (e.g. server DNS name, port, authentication, etc.).


Note: In some environments, the ability to send PanatrackerGP notification emails outside of your domain (e.g. to an email address at a different company) is limited by your email server's default settings. This will stop the support staff at Panatrack from being able to receive these critical emails and will limit our ability to provide the level of support we would like to offer. The fix for this is generally safe and simple.  You will want to allow your email server to “relay” emails from the PanatrackerGP server. Here's a useful blog post that further explains the process for Exchange 2007 servers: How To Safely Enable SMTP Notifications



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