How PanatrackerGP Operates

PanatrackerGP extends Microsoft Dynamics GP, allowing for barcode-based inventory and asset control. PanatrackerGP reads the data contained in Dynamics GP with direct SQL queries and then submits transaction data using Microsoft’s eConnect API.

PanatrackerGP consists of both a server and a mobile client software component. The server component is typically installed on the same server as your Dynamics GP database. The core server functionality has no direct footprint in Dynamics GP and requires less than 50 MB of disk space. We can alternatively install the server component on a separate application server within your network. 

Most of our installs are performed on your companies 'intranet', operating on your private network as an internal website hosted using Microsoft's IIS (Internet Information Server). This website is commonly referred to as the PanatrackerGP Portal. This portal is used to manage users and configuration settings,  using web-services as the primary means of communicating with the handheld computers with embedded barcode scanners. 

If desired, it is possible to implement what is called an IFD (Internet Facing Deployment) with PanatrackerGP. This makes your PanatrackerGP Portal accessible to the general internet. This type of installation is common in hosted environments and for those wanting to use cellular-based handheld devices. Note that there are several security considerations.Please let us know immediately if you anticipate this type of roll-out so we can prepare with you appropriately.

Please Note:

As a fully-integrated component of your Dynamics GP system, we rely on having a well-performing Dynamics GP SQL server in order to conduct validations and transactions in real time. Since every company’s requirements will differ due to the amount of data kept, the number of active Dynamics GP users, and your archiving requirements, we are not able to offer a simple one-size-fits-all hardware requirement to guide you. However, we can state that if Dynamics GP performs well, then PanatrackerGP should also perform well. We recommend that you follow Microsoft’s guidelines for optimizing the resources in your SQL and application server environment. The Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation guide will provide you with additional details on this topic.

Regarding eConnect.  We create and update most transactions using Microsoft's eConnect API. We require only the basic install (no need to configure MSMQ or any other services as we don't use those features) for eConnect. The full (purchased) version is not required. eConnect is most likely already available to install and configure within your Dynamics GP environment. Otherwise, it can also be downloaded from Microsoft.

Regarding the .NET framework. Like many Microsoft products, we require the Microsoft .NET framework. Confirm that version 4.5.1 is installed prior to the implementation. To check, look in the add/remove programs section of your server's control panel.


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