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Default Label Templates



Panatrack provides item label printing templates to support the automated label printing infrastructure.  It is best to keep the label simple without a lot of text.  The barcode carries the information in a very efficient manner.  Let the barcode do the work.  


PanatrackerGP label templates are defaulted with the following three variables:




1.  Inventory items - Tracked by quantity only (bulk):  

    • Dynamics GP Item Number (barcode format)
    • Item Description (text)




2.  Inventory items - Serial tracked:  

    • Dynamics GP Item Number (barcode format)
    • Item Description (text)
    • Serial Number (barcode format)




3.  Inventory items - Lot tracked:  

    • Dynamics GP Item Number (barcode format)
    • Item Description (text)
    • Lot Number (barcode format)
    • Variables including manufacturer date, expire date, and the GP lot attributes are recommended if that data is collected 


While other variables are available to add to your label definition, Panatrack recommends keeping your label details simple.  Do not add variables that will change throughout the life cycle of that inventory item, such as location assignment.

As part of the standard implementation, Panatrack will make basic set up adjustments to the label template set up, such as centering adjustments to the label media size selected.  If you prefer a more customized label, we are more than happy to write that service into your contract.  


Default Templates & Automated Item Label Printing 

Currently, all transactions that support label printing within the PanatrackerGP application share the same item label template file. Automated item label printing is supported on Receiving, Add Adjustment, Assembly, Site Transfer, Bin Move, and Create Production Unit (for Manufacturing).


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