Setting Up Your Label Printer

Note: An Ethernet enabled printer is highly recommended for use with PanatrackerGP as  it will allow for the most reliable label printing setup.  



If you are using a Zebra printer, download and Install Zebra Setup Utilities.

Zebra Setup Utilities is free software that is used to initially configure your label printer, allowing you to give the label printer an IP address.

Download Zebra Setup Utilities here


1. Setup the printer with a Static IP Address (consult your printers users guide for information on how to complete this. If using a Zebra printer, use the above Zebra Setup Utilities)

2. Download the driver for your printer from NiceLabel.

3. Run the installer

4. Unzip the files

5. Select the printer you are installing

6. When you get to printer options give the printer a name (shorter, simpler names are easier to reference from the handhelds)


7. Select Add Port


8. Fill in the Name, IP and Port Number

  • Wired printers use port 9100
  • Wireless printers use port 6101

9. Select Ok then Next

10. Click Finish


11. Click Install

12. Go to Devices and Printer and print a test page of the printer you just added.




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