Adding Fixed Assets Using PanatrackerGP

How it Works: Point & Scan

You already have the tracking database for Fixed Assets available to you as part of Dynamics GP, and anyone can put a label on an asset.  Now you need a convenient way to scan that label and update your asset list.  The PanatrackerGP fixed asset solution extends Dynamics GP's Fixed Asset Module by adding bar code data capture.  Physical characteristics of the assets can be captured from a handheld device using a simple-to-use interface and updated simply and directly, without messy data transfer steps.

This allows for a seamless integration and eliminates ugly import and export requirements in order to keep your Dynamics GP updated.  Organizations that currently use spreadsheets to track asset details can replace their separate tracking system with a tightly integrated solution.


Fixed Asset Transactions via Bar Codes                 Asset_tags.jpg

Operating through the use of handheld mobile computers with integrated scanners, the PanatrackerGP system makes it easy to capture asset data housed in remote locations. Users can:

  • Add new assets. This creates a new asset record for Dynamics GP.  Simply affix and scan the bar code asset label to assign the ID and collect physical details about the asset such as serial number, short description, and location.   If using Dynamics GP purchase orders, assets can be easily received, creating both the receiving transaction and fixed asset record at the same time.  The transaction is created directly in Dynamics GP.
  • Record updates to asset location or custodian assignments as they occur.  The user-defined fields within Dynamics GP are also supported in PanatrackerGP.
  • Confirm the location of your assets with a physical verification.  Users have access to the asset details and can determine assets not found. Assets found out of place can automatically be updated or log an exception report.
  • Assign or reassign bar code labels to existing assets and filter based on location, class assignment or by scanning the serial number.


PanatrackerGP fixed asset module updates asset information without accessing or altering any of the financial data that lives in Dynamics GP. This allows Dynamics GP to remain the central reporting database while providing a tool to easily maintain physical information about assets.  

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