Setting up SSL with PanatrackerGP

Follow these instructions to configure your PanatrackerGP portal to use SSL.

 1. Login into the server where PantrackerGP is hosted/installed.

2. Open IIS (Internet Information Services).

3. Under Sites, select your PanatrackerGP portal.

4. Select Bindings



5. Select Add to add a new binding



6. In the Type dropdown select httpsNOTE: This example uses port 443, you will want to choose a different port for your portal, like 444 or 445.



7. In the SSL certificate dropdown that appears, select the certificate you will be using. (For this example we are using the development certificate built into certain installations of IIS. You will likely be choosing a certificate created by your internal certificate authority or a trusted 3rd party source.)



8. Then, browse to the portal located on the port you had selected by clicking the Browse link on the right side of the IIS window.Ensure the PanatrackerGP portal loads and behaves as you'd expect it to.


9. Next you will need to reconnect the PanatrackerGP handheld application to the portal over the new SSL connection you have made. To do this, follow the instructions found at the this link. Please ensure you input the correct port number and you place a check in the SSL box.


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