Site Transfer eConnect error = 3353 Lot Number does not exist

If you receive the following eConnect error when attempting to perform a Site Transfer of lot-tracked inventory: 

Error Number = 3353 Stored Procedure= taIVTransferLotInsert Error Description = Lot Number does not exist
Node Identifier Parameters: taIVTransferLotInsert

First, make sure the lot number does exist in Dynamics GP and that the transaction that added the lot number has been posted.

Next, open Inventory Control Setup in GP.  (Inventory > Setup > Inventory Control). This error can be caused by the setting "Auto-Assign Lot Numbers Based on" = Expiration Date.

Please change the setting to Lot Numbers on Receipt Date and try the site transfer again.  If this does not solve the issue, or if this setting will not work for your organization, please contact

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