eConnect error: Lot Does Not Exist

You may receive the following eConnect error when attempting to perform a Site Transfer of lot-tracked inventory:

Error Number = 3353 Stored Procedure= taIVTransferLotInsert Error Description = Lot Number does not exist
Node Identifier Parameters: taIVTransferLotInsert

This could occur whenever a lot had been received in more than one Add Adjustment. Presumably, this would also happen when using the Receive transaction to receive the same lot number more than once.

When this happens, GP displays more than one line for the lot on GP inquiries. That happens frequently in GP, and Panatracker considers the sum of all line items in GP to be available for that lot.

If you receive the above eConnect error in this situation, then check this setting in GP:  

Change GP > Inventory Control Setup setting "Auto-Assign Lot Numbers Based on" = Receipt Date. If the setting is = Expiration Date, that could be causing the error.  

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