Extra leading zero when scanning UPC barcodes

Users of Intermec handheld scanners may get an extra leading zero when scanning a UPC barcode. By default, most Intermec scanners are set to transmit UPC-A as EAN-13 and to transmit the Lead and Check digit for UPC-E and UPC-A. 

You can easily turn this behavior off. The instructions below are from the Intermec support portal.

When scanning a UPC-A barcode an extra character is being added to the beginning of the data.  The extra character is usually a 0.  How can this extra character be removed from the data?
The leading character is being added because the configuration in Intermec Setting is configured to transmit UPC-A barcode as EAN-13.  To do this a zero is added to the beginning of the 12 character UPC-A data to make it a 13 character EAN-13 data.

To drop the leading zero in Intermec Setting  the parameter 'UPC A xmit as EAN 13' has to be unchecked.  To get this setting follow these steps:
  1. Open Intermec Settings.
  2. Select 'Data Collection'.
  3. Select 'Internal Scanner'
  4. Select 'Symbologies'
  5. Select 'EAN/UPC'
  6. Look for the parameter 'UPC A xmit as EAN 13' and uncheck the box.
  7. Select OK and exit out of Intermec Settings.
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