PanatrackerGP Automatic Label Printing Overview

How it works


  1. PanatrackerGP handheld application user submits a transaction requesting a label to be printed.
  2. The PanatrackerGP portal creates a ".job" file containing the item details, the printer the label will be printed to, and the number of labels that will be printed. This ".job" file is saved to the directory monitored by Automation Manager.
  3. When it appears in the monitored directory, Automation Manager reads the ".job" file and places all the data into the defined label file and prints the defined number of labels to the defined printer. Automation Manager then deletes the ".job" file.


Label Printing Components


Label Definitions

Label definitions are predefined label files used for automated label printing. These files are labels that contain blank "variables" that act as place holders for data that will be populated at print time (ex. Item Code, Item Description, etc. of the transaction being completed). Each label definition file is designed for use with a specific transaction type, outlined below:

  • The following labels are used for Receipts, Moves, Transfers, and Adjustments. Each label is designed for a specific item tracking type (See About Label Templates for more information regarding these files).
    • Lot tracked items will use the file Inventorylabellot.lbl.
    • Serial tracked items will use the file Inventorylabelserial.lbl.
    • Bulk or Quantity tracked items will use the file Inventorylabelbulk.lbl.
  • The Shipping Box Details transaction uses the ShippingDetail.lbl.
  • The Order Fulfillment transaction uses the OrderFulfillBoxes.lbl.


Label Print Jobs

These are  files that are created behind the scenes by the PanatrackerGP portal when a transaction requesting a label is completed on the handheld. They have a file extensions ".job". Once created, Automation Manger reads them and prints the data contained in them to the label definition defined in the .job file.

These job files contain the following:

  • The label definition file that will be printed.
  • Data that will be used to fill the blank variables contained in the label definition.
  • The printer the label will be printed to.
  • The number of labels to be printed.


Label Printing SQL Views

Installed on your GP company database, these views are what determine what data is provided to the .job file. These views are named with the following convention "PanatrackerGP7_Label[TransactionType]_[ItemTrackingOption]". For Example, used when receiving a serial tracked item would be "PanatrackerGP7_LabelReceivingUnit_Serial".

NiceLabel Automation Manager

Part of the NiceLabel Automation Easy software, Automation Manager is a sentinel application that monitors a folder for label print jobs. Once a print jobs appears, it reads the data, inputs the data into the label, commands it to print, and deletes the job file.

NiceLabel Automation Builder

Part of the NiceLabel Automation Easy software, Automation Builder is used modify or create the trigger files used by Automation Manager.

NiceLabel Designer Pro

Either sold individually or as part of the PowerForms package, Designer Pro allows users to modify the labels used for automatic label printing.

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