Trailing spaces embedded in barcode

From time to time, our customers have issues with barcodes that have been formatted incorrectly.  A key example of this is when scanning a barcode for an item number, an additional space (or spaces) will appear at the end of the scan.  

Panatrack employs special Regex (short for Regular Expression) patterns to handle any number of scenarios like this.  

Specifically, to trim trailing spaces from scanned item codes, make the following changes on the Panatracker portal:  

In the System Settings -> Barcode Control panel:
   a)  Set the Enable Regex Features setting to TRUE.
   b)  Enter the following in the Data Pattern Item Field setting   (.*\S)[ ]*$
   c)  Restart the handhelds to accept the above change, then confirm that the trailing spaces are removed in the relevant transactions.

Similar Regex patterns can be used to parse or trim data from other fields.  

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